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Studi Komparatif Tentang Motivasi Berprestasi Pada Atlet Kempo Propinsi DKI Jakarta Ditinjau dari Kepribadian

Abstract: Indonesian athletes get reasonably the same guidance and training. Unfortunately they show different level of achievement, regarding particularly the frequency and quality of their achievement. It is argued that achievement motivation level differences and personality type are influential enough for the achievement differences. The purpose of this research is to find the achievement motivation […]

Menggeser Kesadaran sebagai Pusat Manusia yang Mutlak dan Otonom: Subjek Freudian dalam Kritik terhadap Filsafat Subjektivitas

Abstract: The critique or the deconstruction of subjectivity or putting into question of the “subject” according to the structure, the meaning, and the value subsumed under thisterm, is to be considered one of the great motifs of contemporary philosophical work and it has been taken off from several teachings including Psychoanalysis ofSigmund Freud, as the […]

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