Permasalahan Deteksi dan Penanganan Anak Cerdas Istimewa dengan Gangguan Perkembangan Bicara dan Bahasa Ekspresif (Gifted Visual-spatial Learner)


Gifted Visual-spatial learners is one ofcategories of gifted children that has been overlooked and under diagnosed. Linda Kreger Silverman (1995; 2002) defined Gifted Visual spatial learner as those highly intelligence children (gifted) with special developmental pattern and characteristics. Their strengths are the visual-spatial ability and gestalt cognitive style. They learn better visually than auditory. They learn all-at-once, and when they got the concept, the learning is permanent. Gifted children withvisual-spatial learning style often have asynchronous developmental pattern and tend to have speech and language expressive disorder, or more commonly known as a Specific Language Impairment (SLI), or Pure Dysphasic Development. These unique developmental characteristics often cause problems in social and emotional skills at school, and the problems generally worsen without proper assistance and strategies of intervention. They also often misdiagnosed under the label of high function autism, ADHD and / or learning disabilities. A collaborative diagnostic with a long term continual observation and special approach is needed to help this population.

Keywords: gifted children, gifted visualspatial learner, Specific Language Impairment
Categories: Psikologi