Dinamika Psikologis Sutradara Teater Peserta Festival Teater Jakarta


Alumnus Program Sarjana Psikologi, Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I. The author of this article studied the psychological dynamics of the three theatre directors participated in the Jakarta Theatre Festival. This article was based on a theory-driven qualitative research. Henry A. Murray’s personology theory was used as the frame of analysis. There were three subjects deeply interviewed and the results were analyzed by pattern matching technique. The findings showed that all the three subjects had motivational dynamics as explained by Murray in his personology theory. The main motive found in the subjects was creating excellent performance on stage. The need of spectators’ satisfaction, prestige and the facilities for aesthetic arrangement were intertwined factors in the need of excellent performance. The pressuring conditions (press) which would help or hinder the directors’ creative process were the main actors’ and the supportive actors’ capabilities,supports and/or compliance, and finding the ways to fulfill daily material needs. They wanted to learn from the situation faced and spectators’ atisfaction. They also wanted to develop their esteem and pride of creative ideas manifestation. Those were the strong motivation found in the subjects in order to be able to still work in spite of the barriers found in the theatre world.

Keywords: directors, jakarta, motivational psychology, personology, theatre, theatre festival
Categories: Psikologi