Diskriminasi Berdasar Identitas Sosial-Budaya dan Pendidikan HAM di Indonesia dalam Perspektif Psikologi Sosial


The high rate of serious human rights abuses in Indonesia has many cases of human right abuses which happen among common people in their everyday life unnoticed. One of the examples is the cases of discrimination based on one’s socio-cultural identity . The paper argues that discrimination based on one’s socio-cultural identity is a form of human right violation which its mechanism involves one’s social cognitive system. That is why its intervention could not rely solely on judicial intervention. An intervention which is addressed the psychological functioning of individuals which contributes to the occurrence of discrimination is also needed. It is therefore, using social psychology perspective; the paper aims to identify the social cognitive functioning which may become the underlying mechanism of discriminative attitudes and behavior among common people in Indonesia. Later , the paper uses the findings to discuss its implication in regard with the concept of human rights education.

Keywords: discrimination, human right education, social psychology, stereotype and prejudice
Categories: Psikologi, Sosial Humaniora