Diskursus “illegitimate Sexual Activity” Anak Bangsa dalam Perspektif Tabloid Indonesia


In Indonesia, sexual activity that has not been legitimized by the state is one of the realities that are constructed by the language of “masculine-heterosexual”, as an absolute discourse defines in the hands of the state. This paper is about to dismantle about usage of “masculine-heterosexual” language by the Indonesian mass media discourse in defining and putting illegitimate sexual activity in the landscape of the nation’s sexuality discourse in Indonesia. Using critical multiculturalism framework, identity theory and constructivist paradigm, this paper will explore discourse articulated by mass media in the articles that explain those matters. Using discourse analysis as the method, there’s four tabloids as research subject, Tabloid Nova No. 1165/XXIII 21-27 Juni 2010, Tabloid Bintang Edisi 997 Tahun XX Minggu Ketiga Juni 2010, Tabloid Wanita Indonesia No. 1069 21-27 Juni 2010, and Tabloid Genie Edisi 50 Tahun VI, 21-27 Juni 2010.

Keywords: discourse analysis, illegitimate sexual activity, indonesian's tabloid, media studies, nation identity
Categories: Komunikasi, Sosial Humaniora