Gambaran Faktor-Faktor Pembentuk Efikasi Diri dalam Membuat dan Menerbitkan Komik Bergaya Jepang pada Komikus yang Sudah Menerbitkan Karyanya


The Japanese style comics began its popularity in Indonesia in 1991. The Indonesians are attracted to the translated Japanese comics and Japanese style drawing. This phenomenon is visible according to the increasing numbers of schools and books which offer courses on Japanese style comics’ creation. In order to join in a comic competition, a comic artist has to deliver great effort and motivation. Effort and motivation are important part in self-efficacy. This research is a qualitative description study and the data were gathered through depth-interview which was delivered to five experienced comic artist whose comics have been published. The research results showed that personal and others’ experiences are the most influential factor for self-efficacy. Most comic artists perceived that their starting point and or deeper self-efficacy were from others’ success. Other’s failure (as models), however, also shape the artists’ self-efficacy. Unfortunately, the artists get less social persuasion as another factor of self-efficacy. Temporarily though, the artists’ self-efficacy also shaped by physical and psychological situations. Further considerations are advisable for diverse artists and delivery of this research findings to young comic artist to improve their self-efficacy efficiently.

Keywords: comic artists, comics, japanese style comics, self-efficacy
Categories: Psikologi