Liputan Media Tentang Hukuman Mati Para Pelaku Bom Bali I dan Identitas Muslim di Indonesia: Studi Representasi Sosial


The Islamic fundamentalism movement has raised and grown in Indonesia in the last 10 years. The most remarkable and traumatic Bali bombing 2001 and 2002 alarmed Indonesia and the world about the real movement in East Asia region. In 2008, the three Bali bombers, Amrozi, Muklas, and Ali Gufron had been executed by dead penalty. Pro and cons emerged around the execution, and mass media had prominent role to create discourse among society. At the meantime, media exposures concern to construct public opinion about supporting jihad movement by three bombers, even as mainstream ofMoslem in Indonesia refused the movement. This study intends to look deeper how mass media construct meaning for society. Using semiotic method and social identity theory, this study analyzed newspaper articles about dead-penalty execution in 2008. Interesting impact of mass media exposure towards Moslem identity in Indonesia will be discussed further in this study.

Keywords: fundamentalism, social identity, social representation
Categories: Komunikasi, Psikologi