Masalah Transportasi Kota dan Pendekatan Psikologi Sosial


The writer of this article tried to clear up urban transport problems using social psychology approach. The first major problem is about traffic jam, which is analyzed by the concept of Tragedy of the Commons (Hardin, 1968). The second major difficulty is the traffic accidents which are analyzed by the risk theories of Wilde (1982, 1998), Summala (1974, 1997), and Fuller (2000). The writer also delivers the influence of illusion of control, optimism bias, and locus of control on risk taking decision. Moreover, the writer offers three solutions for each of the problems and the solutions are intended for individual level, cultural level and structural level. It is expected that this writing will give a theoretical contributions in the subject of transportation psychology in Indonesia. Transportation psychology is a relatively new field of applied psychology in Indonesia, and there is not much yet attention and development given to this particular subject. It is also expected that this writing gives ideas for transportation policies made by the governmental officers, especially in Indonesia’s big cities.

Keywords: risks theory, traffic accidents, traffic-jam, tragedy of the commons, transportation psychology, urban transport policies
Categories: Psikologi, Sosial Humaniora