Pancasila sebagai Landasan Terbentuknya “Sane Society” Fromm


It is wisely advised that Indonesians need to think of sane and insanity society while they enjoy growing development. As a developing country, Indonesia is known to be located between two oceans and two big continents and inevitably is an open “conflicting” area for several parties. The parties are conflicting for ideological reasons, economical reasons, technological reasons and other reasons which may influence a society’s behavior. Alienation and insanity might inevitably come as consequences for Indonesia. The Indonesia development, however, is designed for socalled “a whole Indonesian,” and the development basis is the Pancasila. It is now questioned if the Pancasila a perfect basis for prosperous healthy society and if it is a right basis for mentally health personality development. In order to answer these questions, the writer tried to trace the problems in Indonesian society development and Erich Fromm’s ideas on sane society. It is found that there were complimentary themes between Indonesians need and Fromm’s ideas.

Keywords: existential needs, fromm, pancasila, sane society
Categories: Psikologi, Sosial Humaniora