Pendampingan Psikologis bagi Atlet Cilacap dalam Pekan Olah Raga Provinsi Jawa Tengah Tahun 2009 di Solo (Studi Preliminer)


Sport psychology is not a new psychological field in Indonesia. Unfortunately there are only a few psychologists in Indonesia interested studying the subject seriously. The writer of this paper would like to share experience of working along closely with the athletes of Cilacap when they participated in Central Java Province Sports Week Event (PORPROV) in the year 2009. The writer did a series of psychological intervention program which was started with needs analysis, capacity building, and some basic skills of mental management. These programs were held in groups and through individual counseling. The individual counseling and psychotherapy were delivered before the event and mental supports were given during the event. Based on the experience dealing with the athletes, the writer learned that: (1) techniques for self-control skills, such as positive self-talk and positive screen were found adequate
for the athletes’ emotion and mind management, (2) the counseling and psychotherapy programs recommended during the tournament were several single session modified techniques such as single session EMDR, single session CBT or solution focused therapy, combined with psychological stabilization practice, (3) mental support would be more effective when given continuously together with physical and skill exercises which were suited to sport event typology in order to achieve maximum performance, (4) more sport psychologists were needed for a big number of athletes participated in the event.

Keywords: clinical psychology, counseling, mental skill, psychotherapy, self control
Categories: Psikologi