Penerimaan Diri Perempuan Pekerja Seks yang Menghadapi Status HIV Positif di Pati Jawa Tengah


This research is motivated by the complexity of HIV/AIDS problems among female sex workers. In Pati Regency, the number of female sex workers with HIV infection is the highest and whom most of the workers are still working without using condoms. Meanwhile, the classic problem of HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination is still high and affecting their level of self-acceptance. The research is conducted to understand the selfacceptance aspects of female sex workers with HIV positive. To obtain the in depth data, the researcher uses phenomenological qualitative research method. The results of the research shows that the selfacceptance of female sex workers infected with HIV has a different level of maturity influenced by the support, experience, knowledge, independence, and self respect as well as work respect.

Keywords: female sex workers, self-acceptance
Categories: Kesehatan, Psikologi