Politik Islah: Re-Negosiasi Islah, Konflik, dan Kekuasaan dalam Nahdlatul Wathan di Lombok Timur


This article aims to examine how islah or reconciliation was achieved by Nahdlatul Wathan’s elites. The conflict of NW in 1998 is one of the protracted conflicts in Lombok because the negotiation process of islahhas been failed. Both groups did not find an appropriate point or an ideal format of islahproposal. Through long way process of negotiation which is more than one decade finally both groups have achieved an agreement of islahon Mei 2010. In particular, this article aims to explore what are the backgrounds and what are motivations of NW islah between both groups? What are the efforts of NW elite for conducting islah during the conflict of NW? This article also aims to understand what the format of islah that they have achieved and how they maintain the continuity of islahcommitment and agreement? This article based on ethnographic research during two years (2008-2010) in East Lombok West Nusa Tenggara. In term of collecting and analyzing data it applied qualitative method. While the technique of collecting data it applied participant-observation, in-depth interview, and focus group discussion.

Keywords: conflict, islah, nahdlatul wathan, politic
Categories: Sosial Humaniora